They say that clothes make the man.  I’ve always believed that the right accessories make the woman.

Accessorizing simple elegance is the way to look your best.  With a love of travel and different cultures, I’ve found that by keeping your wardrobe simple and timelessly classic, you can be whomever you wish.  You’ll find you fit seamlessly into any culture or experience, simply through the accessories you choose.

Hence was born Bulabula fashions.  With a friend of mine who inspired me through her travels, we set out to create new looks just for you.   Many of our items come from women just like us who are linked through their love of creating their own special items.  Maybe a lady in Portugal who hand paints one of a kind leather bags, or a cooperative of women in Nepal who weave scarfs that will bring out your own personalized beauty.

Let us help you find your new look and level of confidence that will bring out a new special you, with things of beauty from lands beyond.


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